Key deliverables for the solution prepared for low-friction deployment in any container-based environment.


OS-level evasions are baked directly into the container provided by our private registry.


Fingerprints are injected directly within the browser source, allowing unmatched reliability.


Provide or reuse existing full or partial fingerprints across multiple sessions, with any missing data populated by our api.


Facing a specific anti-bot product? Trigger a full payload replacement for a range of vendors.

Anti-Detect Browser Features

Perfect Scores

All browsers achieve perfect correlation with injected fingerprint values.


Automatically detect, solve, and return CAPTCHA solutions with no extra code or configuration.

CDP Sanitization

CDP messages are sanitized before execution ensuring no leaks, even on vanilla clients.

Context Isolation

Unless specifically tagged, any on-page code is automatically executed in isolated worlds.

Audio & Media

Audio and media devices are managed at the OS level to allow flawless responses to media queries.

GPU & Canvas

Flex matches canvas and WebGL queries to known hashes for many products including dynamic renders.

High Entropy

Access 100+ browser injection points for entropy beyond what is possible with client-side code.

WebRTC Patch

WebRTC queries are automatically synced with public IP address to eliminate leaks.

Zero Config

Browsers can be requested with zero configuration, maintaining a cohesive fingerprint each time.

Broad client support

Implement rapidly with no changes to existing code




or any CDP Client

Universal fingerprint schema

Design or randomize your browser fingerprint across 35+ distinct injection points.

  "country": "nl",
  "deviceMemory": 8,
  "devicePixelRatio": 2,
  "features": {
    "canvasNoise": false,
    "clientRectNoise": false,
    "bluetooth": true,
    "webshare": true
  "fonts": [
    "Arial Black",
    "Arial Narrow",
  "hardwareConcurrency": 8,
  "languages": "en-US,en",
  "mediaDevices": [
  "navigatorPlatform": "Win32",
  "os": "Windows",
  "osArch": "arm",
  "osBitness": "64",
  "osVersion": "14.0.0",
  "systemInfo": "Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64",
  "timezone": "Europe/Amsterdam",
  "webglRenderer": "ANGLE (NVIDIA, NVIDIA Quadro P5000 Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0, D3D11)",
  "webglVendor": "Google Inc. (NVIDIA)",
  "more": "..."

High Entropy

Modify over 100+ points of entropy for thousands of permutations.


We automatically rationalize fingerprints to match current browser.


Use our collector to extract fingerprints from your users for perfect correlation.


Each fingerprint payload is returned with updated cookies and session after use.


Define only the variable you care about and automatically randomize the rest.


Impossible fingerprints are rejected before they run reducing surface for detection.

Continuous updates

Deploy once, worry never

When downtime is not an option, the cost of preempting sophisticated browser and fingerprinting attacks can become overwhelming. Our solutions are managed on a low-latency release cycle with new attacks being patched well in advance.

  • Browser source patches
  • Extendable container
  • CDP sanitization
  • DevOps consulting support

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