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Container Deployment
$US10,000 / month
+ per unit rate
Managed container ready for immediate deployment.
Features include:
  • Perpetual updates to on-prem container
  • Flexible unit pricing tailored to use case
  • Options include per page, per hour, or per success
from$US8.00 / gb
Clean, flexible, no-minimum proxy connectivity.
Features include:
  • Diverse panel of proxies
  • Residential and mobile IPs
  • IP reputation vetting
Per Page
Pay each time a page is successfully loaded without a CAPTCHA.
Per Hour
Traditional infrastructure hourly rate billing, charged per second.
Per Success
Define a specific success billable success scenario.
Combine two or more pricing units for a tailored pricing model.
Need something more bespoke? We can tailor pricing for many complex scenarios.

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