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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use my existing code?

    Yes, if the code is able to connect to a websocket for browser automation (e.g. Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium) then migration is a single line of code.

  • Can I use my own proxies?

    Most proxy connections are configured incorrectly by users, so we offer pre-vetted proxies. IPs are washed against block lists before use and are priced at or lower than other comparable services. However, any proxy network can be set at launch.

  • Is there a public version available?

    Undetect is designed for vetted enterprise clients with bespoke requirements, for which we offer evaluation trials following an initial consultation to ensure the product is a fit. Additionally, we continue to support the Open Source community with free public tools and active Discord server.

  • Where are the browsers hosted?

    All production browsers are self-hosted within your own infrastructure for privacy and compliance. To ensure latency matches the presented proxy location, we recommend browsers should be clustered in most countries with automatic routing to the nearest physical location.

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